About Us

About Us

Style always starts with personality

At Coco Le Fashion we are all about large personalities. We love ladies who are courageous, well-rounded and impossible to fit in just one box. The ladies who shop with us have a strong presence and love making statements with their outfits.

Coco Le Fashion was founded to cater to the well-rounded ladies that are never afraid to show their style. You know how to translate your personality and your mood into your style of the day. Our goal is to make sure you have the items you need to express yourself. Wether it's chic, edgy, or bold - we've got you covered! 


A need for individuality in style

Our items all have something unique to it. We sell items that can be easy to combine, but are never basic. Basic items can be found everywhere, we want to filter out that stuff and bring you straight to the goodies that will make sure to get you noticed (and complimented!).


A Passion For Fashion

Here at Coco Le Fashion, the passion for fashion is something we breathe. We celebrate individuality and diversity. There is nothing that makes us more excited and happy than knowing we are a part of your fashion journey. We find it very very important to be easily approachable. At Coco Le Fashion you won't find snobby and intimidating people. Just a bunch of people who love mixing and matching. Fashion is for everyone!


A constant dialogue between our customers and our team

At Coco Le Fashion we go out of our way to get to know our costumers. We want to learn about your style, about the role fashion plays in your life, and we love learning from creativity. Although our team is fairly small, we are always easy to connect with and are always engaging with customers and fans. This way we make sure we know what you will like. 


Why we are nicknamed "the Influencer brand" 

Simply put - we just love our influencer friends! We are big fans of the new wave of Instagram Influencers. Style is now more accessiable, fashion less intimidating, and you'll find more and more unique styles because we can decide ourselves which is interesting to see. If you have subscribed to our newsletter you know that we often interview influencers to learn more about their style and views on fashion. (hint: definitely subscribe on our newsletter because you will miss out if you don't!)


A worldwide store and brand

We go above and beyond to make sure we offer items that make you happy. And luckily for us - the word travels! Coco Le Fashion is receiving more and more global recognition in the circles of stylish ladies. Our goal is to make sure  Coco Le Fashion is your go-to when you want to make an impression!